What we offer

In an increasingly networked world, it is important to create connections.
Thanks to our many years of trade experience, our partners have confidence in the always excellent quality of our trade products as well as global contacts and strict quality controls. We only supply goods which meet the demanding requirements of our customers.
Decades of experience in international business, very good contacts in countries of origin, and an excellent knowledge of raw materials have enabled trusting partnerships of many years standing to be established.

We have been involved in the trade of Georgian hazelnuts for 15 years. Under our leadership, Edelling, a Georgian producer, has been set up based on German standards, whose products we have been selling exclusively since then out of our Hamburg warehouse. Both CTC Company GmbH and Edelling are IFS certified.
Detailed production information can be found on Edelling’s website.

Our product range

  • Hazelnuts
  • Sugar byproducts (molasses, sugar beet pulp pellets)